How to Order
Class Forty - Best Ridden MM Large Breed.
Class Fifty One - Best WH Exceeding 15hh.
Championship Classes 2 to 6.
Class Forty One - Best Ridden MM Small Breed.
Championship Classes 33 to 42.
Class Forty Three - Best Coloured Pony.
Class Forty Four - Best Hunter.
Class Sixteen - Best Welsh Mountain Stallion.
Championship Classes 12 to 16.
Class Twenty - Best Section B 2/3 Year Old.
Class Twenty One - Best Section B Stallion.
Championship Classes 22 - 26.
Championship Classes 27- 31.
Class Fifty Seven- Best MM WHP.
Championship Classes 49 to 57.
Class Forty Five - Best Small Hunter.
Championship Classes 17 - 21.
Class Fourteen - Best Welsh Mountain Pony Yearling.
Class Fifteen - Best Welsh Mountain Pony 2/3 Year Old.
Class Twelve - Best Welsh Mountain Pony 4 Years & Over.
Class Seventeen- Best Section B Mare or Gelding 4Yrs+
Class Nineteen - Best Section B Yearling.
Class Twenty Two - Best Section C Mare or Gelding.
Class Twenty Five - Best Section C 2/3 Year Old.
Class Twenty Nine - Best Section D Yearling.
Class Thirty - Best Section D 2/3 Yr Old.
Class Thirty One - Best Section D Stallion.
Class Forty Seven - Best Race Horse.
Championship Classes 43 to 48.

Gelligaer Farmers Hunt Show

27 July 2014

Class One - Best Turned Out Horse or Pony.
Class Two - Best Ridden MM Leading Rein.
Class Three - Best First Ridden M+M.
Class Four - Best Leading Rein.
Class Five - First Ridden now exceeding 12hh.
Class Six - Best LR Pony or Show Hunter.

Class Thirty Two - Best Child Handler.

Part One

Part Two

Class Thirty Three - Best Coloured Horse.
Class Thirty Four - Best Yearling.
Class Thirty Six- Best Ridden SHP 13hh.
Class Thirty Eight - Best Ridden SHP 15hh.
Fancy Dress
Class Forty Nine - Best Novice WHP Below 15hh.
Class Fifty - Best Novice WH Exceeding 15hh.
Overall Championship